Property lease

We provide a comprehensive Rental management service through our Strategic Partner, Tower International, whilst making sure your property is well maintained and protected. Tower is a well-established company with over 90 staff, 3 offices and 15 years of experience‎ in meeting the needs of both the local and international clients‎.


Wealth Protection

  • Property Insurance;
  • Tenant Screening & Regular Inspections;
  • Eviction of Non-Paying Tenant;
  • Accounting Services.
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Property lease

A professional team of Account managers deal with the clients’ account and fund management. After paying the utility bills and common costs, funds are transferred to the Landlords’ account every month.



  • Rental Management
  • Bank Transfers
  • Cash Collection
  • Marketing

Property lease



  • Account Management
    At Tower you will be in contact with one person, your dedicated Client Account Manager who is always up-to-date of the state of your investment.
  • Tower365
    Through Tower’s unique apartment management login system you will get 24/7 access to your Budapest property. See financial transactions, up-to-date property management activity notes, your tax returns, your property details and many more.